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Rajnish Khanna, Ph.D

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of i-Cultiver, Inc. and Global Food Scholar, Inc., Senior Investigator at Plant Biology, Carnegie Science, and Science Advisor at The Chopra Foundation. Rajnish is a strategic biotechnology consultant, plant and soil health scientist applying multidisciplinary approaches for research and development.

Brigid McNally, M.A

Creative Content Developer and Public Relations Consultant with Global Food Scholar, Inc. Brigid is passionate about communication, public education and nutrition. She is the founder and owner of PVX Farms. Brigid is a specialized vertical farmer, known for offering a variety of microgreens and sprouts with longer preserved vigor.

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    TerreScience Podcast

    Hosts: Rajnish Khanna, Ph. D., & Brigid McNally, M.A. 

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    Season One Highlights

    Conversation with Sue Blackmore on Consciousness | Episode #22

    Lei Ann Larson | Her goals running for mayor of Manteca| Episode #21

    Councilmember Gary Singh | His goals running for mayor of Manteca, a rapidly growing city near The Bay Area | Episode #20

    Mayor Ben Cantu shares his vision for the city of Manteca | business, housing, jobs, quality of life | Episode #19

    A Summer of Biotechnology with the BEST Interns! | Follow Up Chat! | Episode 18

    #17 How to Dive Positive Change in our Food System | Tying It All Together

    #16 Dr. Bogomolni on Ocean Fishing Controversies, Seal Conservation and Community Science Methods

    Dr. Stuart Hameroff on the Role of Microtubules in Brain Functions and Consciousness #15

    What is Integrative Health? | Prescribing Yoga & Meditation with Dr. Paul Mills #14

    Should Meditation be Taught on University Campuses? A Conversation with Molly Beauregard #13

    Dennis McKenna & The Future of Psychedelics for Treating Depression, Anxiety & PTSD #12

    MEETING THE FUTURE OF BIOTECHNOLOGY | Unique Hands-on Internship Opportunities #11

    Meg Lowman, Arbornaut Of The Tree Canopies & Advocate For Women & Minorities in Science #10

    Can We Solve Projected Food & Climate Crisis With Grass Pea? | Dr. Abhimanyu Sarkar | #9

    How Spacetime & Consciousness Could Be Intertwined | TerreScience Podcast #8

    Anesthesia and Consciousness with Neuropharmacologist Dr. Bruce MacIver | TerreScience #7

    greg nsre

    Greg Asner on Global Monitoring of Carbon, Corals & Forests from Space | TerreScience #6

    Azomite Volcanic Ash Modifies Root Microbiomes | New Research With Jon Ferrel #5


    The Secrets of Smell with Harold McGee | Introduction to the Osmocosm #4

    Spring Equinox 2022: A BIG day for planet Earth and soil health | Rajnish & Brigid #3

    Unpacking the Basics of Consciousness | Rajnish Khanna and Brigid McNally #2

    Where Reality Matters | Rajnish & Brigid #1

    Newest Episodes

    About Podcast

    We hear about new health trends every day and they all promise to have the best solution to our world’s problems, but in reality, are they actually helping? In this podcast, Rajnish Khanna, a plant scientist, and Brigid McNally, a graduate student, will talk with exciting guests including renowned leaders and thinkers to learn from their expert opinions and real experiences regarding important issues such as food, environment, consciousness, well-being, and trends. Support this podcast:

    Our Research

    Volcanic ash containing micronutrients influences bacterial communities inside the roots and increases tomato production

    Rajnish Khanna, Ph.D., Brigid McNally, M.A., Elijah C. Mehlferber, Ph.D. Candidate, Kent F. McCue, Ph.D., Britt Koskella, Ph.D., Jon E. Ferrel, M.S., M.B.A.

    April 2nd, 2022

    Microbes play essential roles in nutrient cycles and in sustaining soil and plant health. Many types of soil treatments are commercially available and are routinely applied randomly without knowledge of their impacts on soil and plant health. There have been significant technical advances in our abilities to analyze the effects of these treatments on microbiota associated with soils and crops, but these tools are not yet easily accessible to the majority of agricultural industry. It is relatively easier to measure physical parameters, such as pH, moisture and nutrient (N, P, K content), etc. It is not surprising that increasingly, new companies are being established to offer different types of sensors and extended abilities to capture limited chemical, physical and environmental data, followed by advise on how to manage soils and crop treatments. While these are efforts in the desired direction, mostly the data interpretation is poorly managed and often skewed towards monetization.

    3 Things You Need To Know About Soil Health in 2022

    Rajnish Khanna, Ph.D., Brigid McNally, M.A.

    January 16th, 2022

    Starting out this new year, we want to draw your attention to the true meaning of the trending topic of soil health. It is said that both the planet’s health and our own individual health are linked to healthy soil. That sounds like a reasonable statement, but what exactly does it mean, and what you can do to play your part in 2022?

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      TerreScience Podcast

      Hosts: Rajnish Khanna, Ph. D., & Brigid McNally, M.A.